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Scroll down for directions to my location in a private bay in Winter's Bay on Chandos! 

Marble Surface
Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 11.16.09

Dockside Pick-up Location

We are located in a private bay in Winter's Bay! Check out the video or the map for a visual representation of our location.

On the lake, our coordinates are seen on the map to the left (Latitude: 44.823079, Longitude:  -77.758702). We are off the road of Winters Bay Rd and Bayshore Rd. Once you reach our bay, we have set up 4 white buoys along a rocky area directly in front of our cottage. Please enter the bay to the left of all four buoys - and you'll avoid the rocks! Pull up to the dock, I will load the food into your boat, and sail away! It is as easy & convenient as it sounds :) 

If you need any help finding our location, please reach out to me via my cell (416)-277-6223 or at LESLIESFOODFORTHOUGHT@GMAIL.COM

Looking forward to seeing you all on the lake! 

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